WhatsApp Will Stop Working Apple iPhone Phone Big Update

WhatsApp Will Stop Working Apple iPhone Phone Big Update

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New Delhi: This is news for iPhone users who cannot use the new version iOS new operating system. If your phone has an iOS 8 operating system for them, you cannot use WhatsApp application on February 1,2020.

Cannot reverify WhatsApp and create a new account on mobile with iOS 8.

Then all iPhone users will be able to use WhatsApp only if they have iOS 9 or above.

You need to have a newer version of your mobile to use WhatsApp so that you can take full advantage of this application.

In addition to this, the device that has been jailbroken or unlocked will not be able to use whats aap as a new update. You will be deprived of this application even if the operating system has been modified.

If you are using an older version of the phone device please update it before February, 1,2020.

WhatsApp has also said that even WhatsApp support is not available on mobile phones of android version 2.1.7.

Right now you can use WhatsApp up to February ,1,2020


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