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Why Twitter Suspended 1.6 Lac Accounts

Recently, it has been reported that Twitter has suspended 1.6 lac accounts. Twitter has blocked the account from July to December 2018 on an account that promotes terrorism.

It has been said that the blog, articles, and message of terrorism promotion have been removed by canceling the Twitter account of the group of terrorist organizations.

Vijaya Gadde said that according to the Legal Policy and Trust and Safety Lead on Twitter, 19% of the last reported period of 2018 has been reduced to 19% of Terror related tweets.

In more detail, it has said that 91 percent of the suspension has an account flagged by technical tools made from internal purpose.

Twitter has said that in most cases it takes account setup even before tweet.

Twitter has received government requests from 86 countries, out of which 30 percent of US government information is requested. Twitter has taken steps to reduce the message of terrorism for this.

24% government requests were submitted from Japan.

Twitter has received government requests from 13% in the UK, 6% in India and 5% from France, which has 29% global accounts.

Twitter said that this will not affect Twitter. It is suspending 2% of the accounts against all accounts.

Twitter was requested from many other countries, such as Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, 27,300 requests are received from 48 countries.

Twitter said in a report in advance that the account that it had canceled 4,56,989 accounts before it were Child Sexual Exploitation Related.

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