Reality of 5G network all over world

Reality of 5G network all over world

5G is the fifth generation of mobile connectivity, which is below 4G. Those of us who already use 4G on phones and tablets will know that they are faster and more reliable than the old 3G tech. However, 4G is definitely not perfect. In crowded populated areas, video streaming from YouTube's choices may be a slow experience, especially everyone trying to be online at once.

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm - the first company to launch 5G-ready mobile modem - it is one of the many companies that has been working hard to create a 5th reality for more than a decade, and all those sections are now payable. 

Like Vodafone, Samsung, EE, O2, Huawei, Three, LG, BT and many other industry players. 

Qualcomm claims that its X50 modem is designed to deliver the first 5G-ready mobile modem to be launched, 5gbps download speed.

Its recently announced successor, X55 modem, promises fast downstream bandwidth up to 7gbps.

Many countries are already progressing with the 5G trial, and the global coverage is actually expected to accelerate in 2020.

Generally, Asia will push the path of the 5G rollouts. Korean network SK Telecom started its probe in 2017 and most of the major cities should cover at least one network by 2020. 

China Mobile expects to set up 10,000 active base stations across the country by the end of this year, while Japan is also wasted.

US through networks including Verizon and AT & T Already offering 5 hotspots.

 Canada expects consumers to start rollout next year, following the Vancouver-led tests in 2019. 

 And most Europe is moving forward with rollout. The road leading to the 5G support in the UK is   AE Network - spreading 4G coverage across the nation is not surprising due to its dedication.

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