Biggest news social media Tik Tok Ban in India

Biggest news social media Tik Tok Ban in India

India has increased the concerns of the industry by banning India on Tik Tok. Technology companies will now have to face further investigation and regulatory challenges.

India has been banned from downloading the world's most popular application Tik Tok.
Analyst company has more than 1 billion users globally, according to the sensor tower. Tik Tok allows to create and share special effects videos. There are approximately 300 million users in India who use Tik Tok.
Tamil Nadu IT Minister, M. manikand said in February that a small girl used to behave badly at the Tik Tok.

Tik Tok has attracted criticism of politicians. This reason may be responsible for the ban of Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is based on a 15-second dance clip and memes platform. Some youths are entertained by sharing different types of videos. Local media has also ensured that there is a sudden death of making videos. Users try to make videos with guns and knives was made.

On Wednesday, Tik Tok was removed from Google and Apple's App Store from India. The Madras High Court said that this application had promoted pornography and the government had requested the ban. The federal IT ministry ordered the release of a Tik Tok to Google and Apple.

A senior executive of Social Media Company in New Delhi said that there is an anxious example for technology companies.

The state court will hear the case on 24 April.

Users in India cannot use this application yet. Tik Tok for sharing was successful; all users would be suffering from it.

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